South East Road Race League Sponsorship


To help the SERRL become a recognised event and to maintain it for the length of time that the races happen across the year. The event organizers have teamed up with local businesses in the South to help promote and fund the South East Road Race League.

We have received huge support from the following people, whom we would like to thank before we introduce the next sponsor for our 2020 campaign.

Helping us to achieve great things in the past included the following:

  • 2016: Jane Hart’s Yoga & Health Training
  • 2016: Charles Raymond Butchers
  • 2017: Hey Nonny-Nonny Sweetshop
  • 2017: One Eyed Jockey
  • 2017: Arundel Post Office
  • 2018: Mrs Jones Soap Emporium
  • 2018: Hanley Tailoring
  • 2018: Greg Dyke’s Plumbing Solutions
  • 2019: SSE Electrics
  • 2019: BGas Transport
  • 2019: Southern Raleigh Biking
  • 2019: Swallowers Inn

New South East Road Race League Sponsorship

For the 2020 campaign, our first new sponsor of the year will be the Grande Gold Casino (mentionned on The Grande Gold Casino is the first sponsor of the South East Road Race League that requested to take up a two-year sponsorship that will see them become the forefront sponsor for the South East Road Race League up till the end of 2021.

Having the Grande Gold Casino on board with our South East Road Race League will not only boost the southern interest in the race, seeing as the brand of casino is located in over 10 different southern locations. What this will also provide is an opportunity for the casino to set up stalls at each race, whereby, those coming to attend the start of the races can also place their bets on who will win the races.

The Grande Gold Casino has been part of the southern business sector since 2006 and provides a gambling and dining service. The casino provides their members with a selection of casino games that include poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, slot machines (the famous american ones) and specialist bingo rooms. The manager Ralph Cottage had this to say about the new sponsorship deal.

“The South East Road Race League is a fantastic event that takes place almost throughout the year. I know a number of people that take part and it was a chance to do our part without the breaking of sweat, so all the credit goes to the South East Road Race League and the awareness they bring when it comes to local charity work.”

As a special feature to the first race in 2020, those attending the race will be handed free vouchers from the Grande Gold Casino to get free entry, drinks and a £5 free betting chip.

Those wishing to join any casino must be 18-year or over to participate in any gambling recreation. All online casinos’ features have been described widely on this site with online casino reviews.

To all that have made the South East Road Race League possible we wish to thank you once again. If you would like to become an additional sponsor in 2020 then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss working together across future events.