Learn All About the South East Road Race League

Some people like to cycle solely for the exercise and the relaxation that it can bring, while others are more competitive and love nothing better than competing in challenging bike races from time to time. If you happen to fit into the latter category, then the South East Road Race League is something that you will probably be interested in.

What Exactly is the South East Road Race League?

The S-E-R-R-L is responsible for arranging cycling races in the South East of England. We organise more than 50 races each year, with most of the races taking place somewhere in the beautiful county of Kent. Our races occasionally spread into the bordering counties of Sussex, Surry, and Essex.


It doesn’t matter what age you are (although we do require our competitors to be over the age of 18) as we organise races for all different senior age categories. We know that people don’t lose their passion for competitive cycling as they get older, so we make sure that we don’t discriminate against anyone.

Talking about not discriminating, we have races for men and races for women, so no matter what gender you are, we will accommodate you.

Who is Eligible to Compete in Our Races?

Many people think that they can just turn up at one of our events and join in the race, but that is not the case. Our races are only open to cycling clubs that have registered themselves with the British Cycling South East.

Therefore, in order for an individual to be able to take part in our races, they have to be a member of a cycling club that is registered with the aforementioned cycling organisation.

Why Do We Require This to be the Case?

Well, affiliated clubs help us to set up, advertise, and organise our races. There was a time when anyone could join, but it was then felt that some riders and clubs were benefiting from our racing calendar without putting anything into our league.


We received a lot of complaints about this, so we decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to only allow affiliate clubs and their members to participate in our races. The only time we make an exception to this rule is if a race has many spaces available (which, if we are being honest, doesn’t happen very often).

How Do We Ensure Your Safety?

We are fully aware that serious accidents can happen during a competitive cycling race, so we have motorbike marshals on hand that will keep an eye on proceedings. If there is a bad accident, they will call it in, and paramedics will be on the scene as fast as they can.

Your safety is paramount for us, so you can be certain that we do our best to ensure that no serious harm comes to anyone who is competing in one of our races.